Environmental management policy

The quality and environmental management policy is defined by the organization’s management. It is approved by the director, who is also a signatory of the UTEKSOL d.o.o. quality and environmental management policy, which is published and presented – made known to all.

With regard to environmental management policy, top level management ensures:

  • That environmental planning is an integral part of the annual business plan.
  • Constant monitoring and fulfilment of applicable legislative and other relevant requirements and guidelines related to the environment and the integration of these requirements into processes within economic capabilities.
  • The availability of information and all necessary resources for achieving general and implementation objectives.
  • The rational use of all primary commodities, materials and energy products that enter the company’s business processes. If possible, the use of resources, materials and energy products with environmentally friendly production, which will also contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • The development of products with a clear environmentally conscious note.
  • That environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology is used in new investments in equipment within economically acceptable criteria.
  • Continuous activity to reduce the number of energy products or energy product consumption per unit of product.
  • Constant emphasis on the importance of adopting a preventive approach in managing environmental and energy aspects and thus contributing to continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  • That, when cooperating with suppliers, preference is given to those who can adequately demonstrate good environmental practice.
  • To raise awareness on environmental and energy culture and improve the knowledge of all employees.
  • To encourage employees to seek new ideas and organizational, technical-technological, environmental and energy improvements in business.
  • The continuous improvement and consideration of the product life cycle.

Issue no. 1, dated 27.07.2022

Approved by: Robert Peretin, dipl. inž. kem. tehnol.
Slovenj Gradec, 27.07.2022