Today Uteksol d.o.o. belongs to one of the most important manufacturers of thermoplastic elastomers, plastic profiles and composition parts for footwear. We export about three quarters (3/4) of our production to EU market and the rest of Europe.

Our direction involves a strong emphasis on the development and implementation of new products in all production programs, especially in the development of new TPE-S and extruded profiles. Thermoplastic elastomers under the SolPlast brand are designed for moulding processing, extrusion and thermoforming processes in many areas of use such as construction, automotive industry, white goods, furniture industry, toys, electrical industry, footwear industry, etc.

The use of extruded profiles, seals and pipes, which are marketed under the SolFit brand, is also growing in all the listed areas. Ready-made soles, welts and heels are used as components in the footwear industry and are marketed under the SolForm brand.

With extensive experience, quality and stable production, we follow modern trends and understand our customers’ wishes. We have been the holder of the ISO 9001 certificate since 2004 and in 2022 we successfully obtained the ISO 14001 certificate.


We have a quite a richful tradition.
As far back in 1850 a tannery was founded, which was completely renewed by the end of the 19th century. In the second part of the 20th century, leather industry gets more and more extinguished and activity is spreading into a many different areas: for example production of footwear compositon parts, plastic forms and profiles.