Quality policy

The quality and environmental management policy is defined by the organization’s management. It is approved by the director, who is also a signatory of the UTEKSOL d.o.o. quality and environmental management policy, which is published and presented – made known to all.

With regard to quality policy, top level management ensures:

  • Orientation towards the requirements of the customers, who provide the final assessment on product quality.
  • The commitment of all to fulfilling the requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system.
  • The commitment of all to optimal product quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • The improvement of efficiency of the entire business process.
  • The production of products according to applicable standards and regulations for achieving functionality, while taking into consideration the ecological aspects and lowest possible energy consumption.
  • The establishment and maintenance of acceptable commercial conditions for the organization and the customers.
  • Continuous training and motivation of employees to maintain and increase quality requirements.
  • To achieve and monitor the set goals to the greatest extent possible, implement improvements and eliminate non-compliance promptly and as quickly as possible. This contributes to the constant growth of product and service quality, and thus the business of the organization.
  • To strive to do well the first time and repeatedly achieve this, if only possible.
  • That the quality policy and objectives are known to all employees, who also understand and implement them.
  • To perform management reviews, which determines the adequacy, efficacy and continuity of quality management system implementation.
  • The implementation of an internal quality assessment system in accordance with the annual plan for internal assessments.
  • To define and realize the quality policy and the quality objectives derived from it, which must be measurable (or at least comparable).
  • That organizational management is responsible for the achievement and realization of objectives in their respective areas.
  • That each individual is responsible for performing quality work, in accordance with the requirements, instructions, agreements, documentation.

Issue no. 1, dated 27.07.2022 Approved by:
Robert Peretin, dipl. inž. kem. tehnol.

Slovenj Gradec, 27.07.2022