Quality policy

Our quality policy is defined by the organization’s management, confirmed by the director, who is also the signatory of the well-known quality policy of UTEKSOL d.o.o. that was presented to everyone.

In regard to the quality policy, the top level management assures:

  • targeting customer demand. The final product evaluation is given by the customer.
  • everyone’s commitment to meet the requirements and constantly improve the quality management system effectiveness.
  • everyone’s commitment to optimum quality, which must satisfy the customers and make profit for the organization.
  • to improve the efficiency of the entire business process.
  • establishment and maintenance of reasonable commercial conditions for the organization and customers.
  • product production according to current standards and regulations with functionality attainment, consideration of ecological aspects and lowest possible energy consumption.
  • training continuity and employee motivation to maintain and raise quality requirements.
  • to follow and achieve the objectives to the maximum possible extent, to introduce improvements, to promptly and quickly resolve inconsistencies. Thus, we contribute to the continuous quality growth of products and services, and to the operation of the organization.
  • the effort to do a good job the first time around, if possible, and also repeatedly achieve it all over again.
  • that policy and quality objectives are known to all employees and that they understand and implement them as well.
  • management review implementation (once a year and partly) to determine the relevance, efficiency and continuity of the quality management system implementation.
  • performing internal quality system audits – in accordance with the annual internal audit plan.
  • quality policy definition and implementation and the resulting quality objectives, which must be measurable (or at least comparable),
  • that organizational leaders are responsible for achieving the goals within their fields,
  • that every individual is responsible for the quality of their work in accordance with the requirements, instructions, agreements, documentation.

Success is the primary purpose of our organization, for that, in addition to a number of other factors, the following is particularly important:

  • satisfied customers
  • satisfied workers and owners
  • satisfactory operating result

The best businesses are the long-term ones. Satisfied customers keep on returning.

Quality is the basis for our business relationship establishment, expansion and development. The essential condition for successful marketing and thus business success is the product and service quality in the broadest sense. Quality needs to be ensured in all areas: in the choice of suppliers, customer communication, finding new market orientations, development, financing, information, organization, training.

Quality control is a process of coordinated activities in all phases of commercial marketing activities, production preparation and implementation, in all parts of the work process, and in all areas and environments in which the organization operates.

Quality assurance involves a planned and coordinated participation of all employees who are a part of the commercial, manufacturing and business process. An atmosphere for working cooperation must be created as well as the motivation system and the creative work remuneration. Executives and managers must ensure the conditions and atmosphere in which employees can work satisfactorily and creatively.

The ability of individuals and groups is a prerequisite for an effective work. The training system must ensure quality personnel development and be integrated into a comprehensive quality management.