Vision, strategy and mission


The fundamental mission of Uteksol d.o.o. is the production and marketing of high-quality, human and environmentally friendly products and services. In carrying out our mission, we realize the values of long-term value creation for owners, care for employees, for their knowledge and strengthening of belonging to the company, nurturing relationships with business partners and strengthening our identity. Part of the mission is also to promote ecological and environmental awareness among employees.

A vision

Vision of UTEKSOL d.o.o. is to constantly improve the company’s reputation on the market, to update, develop and introduce promising and profitable products and programs, and to become an excellent and trustworthy supplier. The vision of Uteksol d.o.o. it is also concern for the environment and orientation towards sustainable development and, consequently, action to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our motto is “OUR EXPERIENCE – YOUR SUCCESS”. With this orientation, we will ensure the long-term stability of the company, the social security of the employees, and the preservation or growth of the invested capital for the owners, as well as the payment of dividends.


Strategy of Uteksol d.o.o. is aimed at continuing the active expansion and intensive development of programs for the production of thermoplastic granules and extruded profiles in technically interesting industries.

With constant investments in new production technologies and continuous improvement of existing technologies, we will ensure the conditions for fulfilling this strategy. We will continue to invest mainly in equipment, infrastructure and human resources, thus ensuring the progress and growth of the company. We will continue to manufacture high-quality, more demanding products and improve the stability of the quality of products and services. We will remain as commercially flexible as possible at all levels of operation while monitoring changes in our immediate and wider environment. We will work actively in the field of sustainable development and reducing the impact of our operations on the environment.