Thermoplastic elasotmers SolPlast TV

Is a trade name for vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE-V), created through a well known compounding of PP and additives with SEEPS block copolymers crosslinked to a certain degree.

  • Resistance to acids, bases and all aqueous solutions is excellent.
  • Resistance to alcohols and glycols is very good.
  • Resistance to fat and oil is good.
  • Resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons is bad.
  • All “SOLPLASTS” have a good electric-volume resistance; more than 1012 Ωcm.
  • For coloring, masters are used on a polyolefin base (PE, PP).

SERIES 10000

High performance technical compounds based on SEEPS block copolymers:

  • Different physical characteristics and optics, depending on purpose of use.
  • Excellent UV stability.
  • Very good Compression Set on high temperatures (120°C).
  • Improved resistance to heat deformation.
  • Service temperatures are between -50 to +130°C, shortly up to 150°C.
  • Saturated chemical structure and partly crosslinked structure of elastomer enables usability for wide spectrum of products, where high UV, temperature stability and weather resistance are required.
(g/10 min)
Compression set
70°C@23h (%)
Compression set
120°C@23h (%)
10000AFor injection moulding, general use40ShA-80ShA0,961 – 3025 – 3528 – 42
10000BFor injection moulding, general use40ShA-80ShA0,981 – 5028 – 3842 – 55

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