Investment in hardware modernization

The investment is entirely related to the OGR program, where we use the compounding process to produce mixtures of various thermoplastic granules (TPE-S) based on SBS, SEBS and SEEPS block co-polymers. The object of the investment is the purchase of two pieces of hardware, namely: a turbo mixer for the preparation of optimal TPE mixtures […]

Non-flammable TPE-S 2k/VO

The purpose of the project is to develop an innovative TPE-S 2K/V0 composite material, which will ensure manufacturers compliance with the new non-flammability standard, the possibility of using more advanced processing technologies and a wider applicability of the material, thereby increasing productivity, reducing production costs, and at the same time improving the safety of the […]

Upgrade of e-tools at Uteksol d.o.o.

The purpose of the project is to improve the company’s electronic operations for business in newmarkets and thereby increase the company’s international competitiveness. Project value: EUR 42,850; value of co-financing: EUR 29,995. The total estimated value of the project is EUR 42,850, and the value of co-financing is EUR 29,995.The investment is co-financed by the […]