Investment in hardware modernization

The investment is entirely related to the OGR program, where we use the compounding process to produce mixtures of various thermoplastic granules (TPE-S) based on SBS, SEBS and SEEPS block co-polymers. The object of the investment is the purchase of two pieces of hardware, namely: a turbo mixer for the preparation of optimal TPE mixtures with the composition: SEBS/mineral oils/PP/additives and a laboratory press for analyzing the suitability of the final TPE granulates for the purposes of co-extruded and extruded films. As part of this project, we will carry out the procurement activities of a mixing system for the preparation of a pre-blend mixture of SEBS, SEEPS block co-polymers with mineral process oils, stabilizers and other additives for the purposes of further processing on a two-screw co-rotating left-handed compounder. The project represents the introduction of a new technological line and the associated plant in connection with the technological process. The goals of the project are: reduction of energy consumption by more than 15%, reduction of water consumption, reduction of consumption of input raw materials, introduction of new technologies, increase of added value, increase of competitiveness of the company.

Amount of total costs: EUR 119,200.00; Amount of co-financing: EUR 119,200.00.

The investment is part of the measures of the plan, which is financed from the mechanism within the project: “Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU”

The company UTEKSOL d.o.o. has successfully obtained co-financing for the project Investment in the modernization of hardware in the public tender P4I – Incentives for co-financing of initial investments in less developed areas.

The project is co-financed from the funds of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, C3K2: Increase in
productivity, friendly business environment for investors – Support for investments for greater
productivity, competitiveness, resilience and decarbonization of the economy and for the
preservation and creation of jobs (,

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